San Diego's Best Chocolate Fountain 

What type of chocolate is used in the fountain?

A. Callebaut chocolate varieties available from Sephra chocolate fountain manufacturers here in San Diego.

What size fountain should I rent?

A. This is entirely up to you as the host. We recommend basing the rental choice on your planned guest count, although there are time when you may wish to go with a smaller fountain if many other sweet items will be available, i.e., cake pops, candy buffet, etc.

How many hours are included in the rental?

A. Typically the Fountains run for about three hours, however if you feel that four hours would suit your event better, there is no extra charge for the additional time. 

Are the Fountaineers available throughout my event if any questions come up?

A. Yes! We are closeby and on "stand by" should any questions come up:)

What do I need to take care of?

A. We ask that you provide a sturdy table capable of supporting at least 80lbs, a nearby outlet, and a nearby trashcan for your guests to dispose of their plates.

Can I use any fondue in the fountain?

A. Only Sephra products may be used in the fountain with the exception of nacho cheese with we will provide instructions for. Any other products could result in damage to the equipment.

What areas do the Fountaineers serve?

A. Essentially we will set up a presentation for you anywhere in San Diego County, Temecula, however there is a $15 charge for deliveries more than 15 miles from downtown San Diego.

Can the fountain be presented outdoors?

A. No this is not a good choice as it attracts flying insects and is negatively affected by breezes.

Can I use my own serving trays?

A. Absolutely. If you feel that your decor would work better with the event you have envisioned we will not set out trays, napkins, etc. included in your rental.

How much chocolate should I purchase?

A. Up to 50 guests 6lbs. Up to 80 guests 8lbs. Up to 120 guests 10lbs, Up to 150 14lbs. Up to 175 guests 16lbs. Keep in mind that every event is a little different.  Factors such as when the fountain is presented, whether or not alcohol is being served, whether or not other sweet items will be available, all help determine how much chocolate you will go through at your particular event. If other sweet items will be available we recommend going lighter on the chocolate. If alcohol is being served during the dance portion of the reception we recommend go a little heavier. If you unsure just give us a call and share details about your event plans, we will give you the best advice we can based on our years of experience. Essentially the idea is to purchase just the right amount so that you don't overspend and end up with too much left over chocolate at the end of your event. 

How much fruit and dipping items should I purchase?

A. Here are a few examples of popular dipping item quantities...

Strawberries-One 2lb container for every 40  guests

Bananas-One large bunch for every 40-50 guests

Pineapple-One pineapple for every 40-50 guests (Youtube has great videos on how to cut pineapple into chunks"  (The "how to cut pineapple" video by "Allrecipes" is a great one. If you're unable to find it, copy and paste this link "" 

Chilled mini creampuffs (huge crowd-pleaser and super delicious in the Belgian chocolate)-Buy One box of 110 at your local Costco (approx $11). Plan on one per guest.

Pretzels-Again Costco is a great place to get great tasting large pretzels perfect size for dipping! The barrel is found in the chips and snacks section of the store and is about $6. The package is big so you may have some leftovers!

Marshmallows-Jetpuff is the best tasting, plan on one per guest

***Green grapes also taste great in the chocolate, as well as peanut butter cookies, shortbread cookies, oreos, Pepperidge Farm Cookies (assorted), green apple slices, precooked bacon, and coconut macaroons. The sky's the limit! Just avoid anything that crumbles too much as it will make the chocolate look unappealing when it falls apart in the chocolate.

***When buying your dipping items try to limit choices to 6 to 7 choices. This works well for your presentation and guests tend to dip approx 6 time each.